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Ottawa Township High School Booster Club Scholarships

The Ottawa Township High School Booster Club provides over $8000 in scholarship money to well rounded Ottawa Township High School students each year.  These scholarships will be awarded to seniors who have shown excellence in attitude and competitive spirit. Students must have participated as an IHSA athlete or participated in other IHSA sanctioned activities as an Ottawa High School Student.  A scholarship winners' parents must have been a Booster Club member for two consecutive years, including their senior year. 


Ottawa Township High School IHSA Athletics and Activities




Football Cheerleading

Basketball Cheerleading




Cross Country



Football Pomerette

Basketball Pomerette

Scholastic Bowl



Speech Team






2021 OTHS Booster Club Scholarship Application

** The deadline for the Booster Club Scholarship is April 7, 2021 **


2020 Scholarship Recipients 

Congratulations to the Class of 2020 scholarship recipients!

  • ​Val Van der Meer Award - Owen Heimsoth and Samantha Satterfield
  • Female Senior Letterman Award - Samantha Satterfield
  • Male Senior Letterman Award - Jacob Ovanic
  • Jim Sutherland Award (3 Sports for 4 Years) - Jacob Ovanic
  • Candy (Besse) Bernardini Spirit Award - Keegan Nagle and Kylie Swartz
  • Ryan Nevins Legacy Award - Samantha Satterfield
  • Booster Club $1200 Scholarship - Jacob Ovanic
  • Booster Club $1000 Scholarship - Alicia Graham and Keegan Nagle
  • Booster Club $800 Scholarship - Regan O'Fallon 
  • Booster Club $700 Scholarship - Nicole Fahrion and Owen Heimsoth
  • Booster Club $600 Scholarship - Jenna Nink
  • Booster Club $500 Scholarship - Bridget Stevenson
  • Booster Club $400 Scholarship - Carter Chiaventone
  • Booster Club $250 Scholarship - Nolen Miller

2019 Scholarship Recipients 

Congratulations to the Class of 2019 scholarship recipients!

  • Val Van der Meer Award - Sloan Gayan and Peter Walsh
  • Senior Letterman Award - Ben Lundy, Marco Serna, Nolan Perry, and Molly Harris
  • Jim Sutherland Award - Ben Lundy, Kyle Haerle, Molly Harris, Antonia Edwards-Froisland
  • Candy (Besse) Bernardini Spirit Award - Kekoa Gross and Zoe Miller
  • Ryan Nevins Legacy Award - Molly Harris
  • Booster Club $1200 Scholarship - Leah Cox and Peter Walsh
  • Booster Club $1000 Scholarship - Chloe Bruck
  • Booster Club $800 Scholarship - Natalie Tabor, Madelyn Porter,  and Ben Lundy 
  • Booster Club $600 Scholarship - Carly Henson and Matt Mezel
  • Booster Club $325 Scholarship - Antonia Edwards-Froisland and Keegan Landers
  • Booster Club $250 Scholarship - Drew Shreve
  • Booster Club $100 Scholarship - Bradley Ruger

2018 Scholarship Recipients 

Congratulations to the Class of 2018 scholarship recipients!

  • Val Van der Meer Award - Jazzy Bowman and Andrew Evola
  • Senior Letterman Award - Liza Buhr, Ethan Harsted, and Rachel Mueller
  • Jim Sutherland Award - Ethan Harsted and Slaten Swords
  • Candy (Besse) Bernardini Spirit Award - Jared Jodts and Lexi Vogel
  • Ryan Nevins Legacy Award - Gracyn Tabor
  • Booster Club $1250 Scholarship - Madison Aubry and Rylee Madden
  • Booster Club $1000 Scholarship - Tyler Ditchfield, Jared Jodts, and Lexi Vogel
  • Booster Club $700 Scholarship - Jonah Sharp and Harley Stillwell
  • Booster Club $500 Scholarship - Josh Jackson
  • Booster Club $200 Scholarship - Katherine McGraw and Slaten Swords
  • Booster Club $100 Scholarship - Zach Berger and Maya Quick